wooden mechanical safe model
wooden mechanical safe model
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two wooden mechanical safes
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Wooden Safe - Ugears Mechanical 3D Puzzle Brainteaser

The safe by UGears is a quirky way to keep your secrets and treasures. When assembled it becomes real safe with the old school 3 figure coded lock. The unique combination that works ONLY with your safe is provided in the kit! 

The safe is both an amazing gift and entertainment. Why not put a prize inside and challenge your friends to play "safe-cracker"! 
It's our most complex model to date and it's a true delight and challenge to assemble. Unlock the Magic!

Opening the Safe: 

At first nullify the coded lock: turn (1-2 turns) the safe handle anticlockwise.
Now you can dial the code: 
1 - Turn the handle anticlockwise to the first figure from 1 to 9. Stop there. 
2 - Now you turn the handle clockwise (to the right) to figure zero. After passing of zero continue to turn the handle to the second figure of a code from 1 to 9 to the right. Stop there. 
3 - Again you turn the handle anticlockwise (to the left) to the third figure of the code. 
If the combination is right on the third figure the safe will click and will open. 
(Briefly: turn the handle to the left to the first figure, to the right through zero to the second figure, to the left to the third figure) 
Close the safe - close the door, turn the handle anticlockwise (to the left) - the safe will be locked.

Product information:

  • Size of model when assembled: 196*185*176 mm 
  • Internal space of the safe: 155*140*105 mm 
  • Number of parts: 179
  • Estimated time for assembly: 6-7 hours