Harvester Combine from UGEARS wooden 3D puzzles!

Harvester Combine from UGEARS is great model with verity of mechanics. A reel starts spinning while harvester is in a driving mode. Ugears Harvester 3D puzzle model have it’s own built secret box and opens with a lever, located near the cab. Harvester starts it’s movements with a big black wheels. Ugears wooden 3D puzzle works on a rubber engine. It would be interesting for you to learn how wooden mechanism works. You will know how rotary mechanism works and understand why a different number of teeth at the gear wheel determinate wheels speed.

Ugears Usa wooden Harvester Combine


Making Ugears Wooden 3 puzzles is an exiting hobby, it’s great process of coloring and creating mechanical constructions. It can be fun experience for all of your family. Ugears Puzzles are made from plywood and need no glue to create your own working harvester combine moving mechanical 3D model.

Most of the man loved to play with wood when they were kids. Ugears wooden 3d puzzles are a sort of genius toys for adults, course you will feel a real mechanic of wooden gears in your hands!